Patient Testimonials

Dr. Ruder and his staff are FANTASTIC! Everyone is caring and professional! I definitely recommend Dr Ruder for any oral procedure.

Susan George
Woodland, MS

Both Dr Ruder and his staff were very friendly, patient, helpful, and explained everything I needed to know to take care of my daughter after her wisdom teeth surgery. She has made a full recover. I was satisfied and would highly recommend them.

Kathy Stanford
Amory, MS

Staff was friendly. Dr. Ruder did an awesome job on my little girl!

Dennis Britt
Aberdeen, MS

You couldn’t ask for a better staff than Dr. Ruder and his team. They are very polite and professional.

Chastity Outlaw
Amory, MS

Dr. Ruder and his staff are hands down some of the best in town. Anytime I’ve needed to be seen his staff has worked with me to get me seen! Great and friendly service!

Jordan Outlaw
Amory, MS

Hi there. My 11 year old son had 21 teeth worked on by Dr. Ruder and his staff all at once. They did amazing work and my son is doing great now. Many thanks to Dr. Ruder and his team.

Will Baker
Sarah, MS

Dr. Ruder and his staff are so friendly. I was very scared of having dental surgery and they kept me comforted. Surgery was a breeze! Would definitely recommend Dr. Ruder

Mary Agnes
Oxford, MS

Dr. Ruder removed my wisdom teeth and he did a great job. Dr. Ruder makes sure his clients are comfortable and out of pain. I had questions right afterwards of things I didn’t think to ask and his office doesn’t mind talking to you and helping you any way they can. Dr. Ruder is a great dentist highly recommendable.

Amory, MS

He really is good making sure his patients aren’t in any pain.

Amber Self
Plantersville, MS

Best Dentist Ever! Dr. Ruder and his staff are kind and compassionate. They really care about their patients. My family has had wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Ruder and they never had any problems.

Amory, MS

Doctor Testimonials 

Over the last several years Dr. Ruder and his staff have taken excellent care of patients that we have referred for treatment. I appreciate the service that he provided to our patients!

Dennis Bond, DMD
Tupelo, MS

For many years there has been a huge need for hospital based dentistry in Northeast MS. Dr. Ruder has truly filled a gap in the Mississippi Dental Care System providing patients of all ages the dental treatment they need. It was always a challenge to find a pediatric dentist, oral surgeon, or any other specialist to accept the State funded insurances such as Medicaid. Dr. Ruder and his staff have stepped up to the plate filling this void and providing excellent dental care for my patients. He provides all types of services ranging from comprehensive care, wisdom teeth, root canals, treatment of the medically comprised patient and more. We are truly grateful to have Dr. Ruder and his staff as part of our dental team.

Dr. Jason Digby
Fulton, MS

I have had a good experience when referring my patients to Dr. Joseph Ruder for hospital dentistry. He does very good -clinically acceptable work – on every patient that I have sent, as evidenced upon evaluating at recall appointments.

Dr. Ruder fills a niche that I, as a general dentist that will accept Medicaid, have needed for years. He will do endodontic treatment, stainless steel crowns, extractions and restorations – in one visit – on patients that are fearful and difficult to treat. He also will tackle difficult surgical extractions that area Oral Surgeons will not treat due to their Medicaid insurance status. He has also been very good in taking our handicapped patients that we are unable to treat with just local anesthetic.

My patients have been very happy with their experience at Dr. Ruder’s surgical center in Aberdeen. He did a wonderful job with esthetic placement of 4 anterior crowns and completing all of the dental work in a patient of mine, who was a dental phobic. This patient could barely make it through a simple prophy procedure without hyperventilating. It was a very good experience for this person, who was elated to complete these procedures, and come out looking like a “Hollywood movie star.”

 Thanks for all of your help, Dr. Ruder!

Teena F. Horn D.M.D.
Houston, MS

Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our patients. Each time we send a patient to you we know that they are getting the highest quality of treatment. 

Lee Family Dentistry
Oxford, MS

Dr. Ruder and his staff are a pleasure to work with. Over the last few years we have worked with their office to accommodate our patients that require hospital dentistry. We would recommend Dr. Ruder and his staff to anyone needing to refer their patients for hospitalization.

Thomas Hodge, DMD
Batesville, MS

I have been referring patients who require sedation to Dr. Ruder’s office for approximately two years. The referral process is easy and my patients return thankful and complimentary of the staff, office, and the dental work that has been completed by Dr. Ruder. I highly recommend Ruder Hospital Dentistry. Dr. Ruder and his amazing staff have been wonderful adjunct to our dental office.

Victoria Graham, DMD
Tupelo, MS

In my practice as an orthodontist, I have worked with Dr Ruder treating dental patients in Northeast Mississippi for over seven years. I have found him to be competent and capable in the dental procedures he performs. Dr. Ruder is passionate about his profession and takes pride in the work that he does. He has been a helpful resource for me in the treatment of my orthodontic patients.

John Russell, III, DMD
Amory, MS

Thank goodness for Dr. Ruder!  As a general dentist who sees cases in the OR, Dr. Ruder provides dental services to Medicaid and Chip eligible adolescent and adult patients who cannot be successfully treated in an office setting by the referring dentist.  These patients require multiple root canals or dental surgical procedures on an immediate, emergency basis due to infection.  The wait time in this area for an appointment with an oral surgeon can take up to 10 weeks for this patient population, and there are no endodontists who are Medicaid providers.  Pediatric dentists generally do not perform root canals on permanent teeth.  A referral to Dr. Ruder is handled immediately, eliminating the long wait times for treatment.  My patients are treated by Dr. Ruder and returned to my care.  He is a highly skilled, personable, and professional dentist and I appreciate the outstanding care he provides for my patients.

Perkins Dental
New Albany, MS